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Marian Valenza empowers audiences with her bold and inspiring approach to conscious leadership, manifestation, feminine energy and Thriver lifestyle. She is best known for INSPIRING, EDUCATING, and ACTIVATING her audiences to take steps toward shifting into a Thriver mindset and creating their dream lives with pleasure and feminine energy.

Not only is she an accomplished speaker, Marian is also a Holistic Success Activator, content creator, soulful strategist, author, certified Pranayama Meditation teacher, and manifestation coach. She has built a career activating and inspiring women from all walks of life to honor their multi dimensional, multi passionate selves, while increasing their wealth, health, and overall happiness - all through the power of embracing the holistic approach to business and life.

Today, Marian is a leader, frequently featured thought-leader and the perfect speaker for your next event!

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"Marian's authentic approach to sharing what it means to live Thriver Lifestyle is thought-provoking and invigorating!"
"Even though her programming is focused on women's empowerment and mental health & wellness, I can attest that I took away so much from her presentation at our March 2019 leadership development event. I came away from the event with new approaches to relieving some of the stresses of day to day living and bringing better balance into my life. I know that many of our members are looking forward to learning more from Marian!"
Lance Hong
LA Chapter President and Social Board Member 
National Association of Asian American Professionals

What Makes Marian Different!

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She brings electricity, emotion, and activation to every event 
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She pares down complex concepts, into digestible sentiments that every audience member can understand
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She demystifies and clarifies “the hard subjects”
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She teaches real actionable strategies, not just fluff 
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She creates a safe & inclusive environment so attendees have the opportunity to explore deeper within themselves
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She creates a captivating and unforgettable experience that audiences will never forget


Manifesting Your Thriver Lifestyle with Pleasure & Feminine Energy
THRIVER: A Feminine Approach to Conscious Leadership
Creating Impact, Influence & Income Through Conscious Public Speaking
Sex Magick & Manifestation:
A Radical Approach to Healing

past audiences include:

C-Suite Level Executives
Women of Color
Women in leadership
Professional Teams
ERG Groups
Fellow Speakers
LGBTQ+ Communities
Organizations & Associations
Advocacy groups
And more!
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"Marian was the Opening Keynote Speaker at our Entrepinayship Conference and her talk was absolutely power!"
"She inspired, educated and activated myself and the audience through captivating and authentic storytelling. Her talk was interactive, funny and she was able to truly connect with the audience as she spoke. If you are looking for a dynamic and engaging keynote speaker, I highly recommend Marian. We already talking about how we can bring her back for future events."
Mary Ann Cruz
Founder & Chief Elevate-Her Officer of Entrepinayship