No matter what your background, industry, or, your experience is - YOU have the ability to become a Thriver!

You can create the life and business that aligns deeply and unquestionably with your soul.
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Has anyone ever told you that you’re “too much”?

• Too outspoken
• Too driven
• Too passionate
• Too "extra"
Trust me, I’ve been right there with you. And, at one point in my life, I actually believed that my passion, individuality, success, and big dreams were bad, even shameful parts of me.
I started hiding behind a mask I designed to make other people FEEL more comfortable with the less-than version of me. Does this sound familiar?
Dressing down to blend in, instead of standing out.
Silencing, instead of speaking your truth.
Hiding your true opinion
Dimming your light that so desperately wants to shine.

Though the journey hasn't been easy, I have learned that being your authentic self, the one those insecure people called "too much" is actually your BIGGEST superpower.

Here’s the reality: YOUR passion and YOUR life are big enough to hold the passionate, outspoken, smart, spiritual, multidimensional...YOU.
  • Being unapologetically seen, heard, AND attracting your soulmate clients.
  • Building your purpose-driven business to 6figures and beyond.
  • Receiving consistent leads & clients through speaking online and on-stages.

  • Created financial freedom to support yourself and your family, while your enjoy luxuries you've worked so hard for.
  • Breaking the cycle of constantly grinding and finally feeling consciously balanced.

  • Being able to generously donate and invest into courses you deeply for.


If you are ready to finally step into the next level of your divine greatness, I'd love to walk alongside, support, coach and guide you on that journey.

Radical Ownership Academy


This virtual experience designed to reprogram your subconscious so you can step into your SOVEREIGNTY and magnetize more PASSION, PROSPERITY & PLEASURE into your life career, and relationships (especially with yourself).
It's ALL about the consistent practice of TAKING ALL YOUR POWER BACK!
In the Radical Ownership Academy you'll learn how to take radical accountability for your thoughts, words, and actions and you learn how you perceive this holographic reality.

Here’s the truth: YOU are a leader.

Even if you don't feel completely confident right now, deep down inside you know you have what it takes to create an impact on other people's lives WHILE also living a delicious, pleasurable, and abundant life of your own.

the problem is...

  • You're overwhelmed by all the information out there and don't know where to even begin.
  • You're afraid of being judged and shamed if you share your truth.
  • You don't have a supportive circle that you can be your full, authentic self around.
  • You need guidance but don't know who to trust.

That's why I created the Radical Ownership Academy.

I wanted to show Thrivers like you how FUCKING POWERFUL you really are! Even when the world tries to put you in a box because it's so scared of you realizing and remembering your power and divinity, I'm here to show you how to rise up and against what's trying to suppose you!
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Advanced strategies that are booked by science to reprogram your subconscious
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Powerful energetic practices to increase your vitality, creativity and abundance
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How to embody your divinity and magnetize your desires with ease
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Deganit N., NYC/Puerto Rico
Founder of Nuurvana & Spiritual Advisor
"Before working with Marian, I already had a successful business with a packed schedule of 1:1 clients. But I was overwhelmed and felt like my business was running me."
"I knew there was a next level of expansion, revenue and impact but I needed help. I went from working with an agency that didn't understand and see me, spending tens of thousands of dollars and lots of time without seeing a return, to launching my group mentorship program and a 6 figure launch within 2 months of working with Marian!"
"I feel so supported, my team has grown, more money and soulmate clients are flowing in! Marian brings in both the marketing and business expertise with spirituality and energetics. I feel fully seen, heard, witnessed and so excited for even more love, abundance and success! Definitely work with her! You'll wonder why you didn't hire her sooner and faster!"
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“This all sounds incredible but what exactly is in the program?"

so glad you asked!

• 8 modules of video training sessions taught me, the Creator and Founder. I'll teach all the strategies and tools to guide you through somatic and spiritual practices.
• Creativity-enhancing and Intuition-strengthening assignments and worksheetsfor each module
• Transformative, healing and magickal meditations such as timeline healing, quantum jumping, 3rd eye opening and many more. 
• Journal Prompts after each module to help you integrate the information and channel downloads from your Highest self, your ancestors, guides and more. 
• Lifetime Access to this program,  even after I add any future modules and bonuses.
If you’re ready to make more money, feel more pleasure and step into the best versions of yourself while honoring your vulnerable and authentic self, then this program is for you!